Migrating Blog Content and Assets from SquareSpace to WordPress

Rather than explaining why anybody would want to migrate content from SquareSpace to WordPress, I thought it would be more efficient to just dig in. So, in order to migrate content and assets from SquareSpace to WordPress, you will need to follow these steps: Configure WordPress for importing data from SquareSpace Before you do anything, you will want to make sure that WordPress is configured Read More →

RegEx for Redirection: A Reference Guide

Regular Expressions are very handy and save you a lot of time when you have the need to manipulate a lot of data in a little bit of time. When you have multiplestrings where parts of them are the same, they are considered a pattern. Regular expressions can be built to match those patterns and manipulate them in many ways. Meta Characters A metacharacter is Read More →

Setting Up the Eclipse IDE With PHP

For Php developers, there are two options for setting up the Eclipse IDE. You can install the Php only version which is made specifically for those who use Php and only Php, or you can install the classic version and add Php into it. Systems Admins will want to install the classic version and add Php to it because of other tools that may be Read More →

New PayPal Subscriptions for Automatic Payments

Due to popular demand, the KASL Network is now set up for PayPal subscriptions. This means that rather than paying a lump sum for month after month of web hosting, you can now pay automatically on a month-by-month basis. We would love to hear what you think of this addition – please leave your comments below to let us know! To subscribe to automatic monthly Read More →

Make Google Drive Work for You!

After you get Google Drive set up, wouldn’t it be nice if you could automatically select which folders you would like to have sync’d – outside of the Google Drive folder? Well, with a simple tweak, you can make this happen. It’s not as seemless as SugarSync, but it works. To make this happen, you cannot be scared of the command line – however, eventually Read More →

Amazing New Keyboard for Android and IOS

If you are an Android or IOS user, you will be extremely happy when you get a chance to try the new keyboard that was recently released by Google. Gmail Tap allows you to type with two buttons and is so advanced, you can type without even looking. See the video here:

Size of Directories

Get the real file or directory size in unix or linux

All BASH users (Linux, Unix, OSX, etc) use the ls command, but when we want to know how much disk space has been used, the ls command just doesn’t cut it sometimes. While it is a useful command for listing information about files in a directory, or the directory structure, it doesn’t give you the overall space that a directory uses – including the files Read More →

Remove DOS EOL ^M Character from File

If you have the ^M character in your file, it is a Dos/Windows end of line character that is tough to get rid of. You could always ignore it, but the possibility of it corrupting a file is very high. Some editors such as Nano don’t even seem to show this character by default – maybe Nano strips it out – I’m not sure at Read More →

rsync over SSH

Many of us use SSH multiple times on a daily basis times to do simple, complicated, and often redundant tasks. Often times the tasks are those which could be scripted and automated. For instance, if you have to synchronize files with a server often throughout the day, a cron job would be the ideal way because then it will be done automatically and you don’t Read More →

AWS Logo

Backing up a server to S3

If you run a server of any kind then you should know how important it is to regularly backup the server. Now even though backing up the server is a great thing to do, it doesn’t do any good if the backup is in the same location as the server itself; if the building burns down, everything is gone. It is best to have an Read More →