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SSH Tunnel

Automatically starting an encrypted tunnel

This shows you how to make a tunnel start automatically… This article assumes that you have accomplished the steps at http://kaslnetwork.com/blog.php?id=84 and it for those using a Linux client (it can probably be done on Windows too with Putty, but this article doesn’t show you how to do that). This is a very easy article, so I’m just going to give you the steps:   cd ~ Read More →

Encrypted Surfing

SSH Tunneling; encrypted surfing with Virtual Hosts

Whether you’re the Secretary of Defense, or just an average Joe trying to survive with some peace of mind and security, encryption is a good thing. Have many virtual hosts on your unencrypted Apache server, but want encryption for whichever virtual host you specify? Here is the solution! Note, this is written for Linux clients – not Windows. You can tweak the instructions to work Read More →