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rsync over SSH

Many of us use SSH multiple times on a daily basis times to do simple, complicated, and often redundant tasks. Often times the tasks are those which could be scripted and automated. For instance, if you have to synchronize files with a server often throughout the day, a cron job would be the ideal way because then it will be done automatically and you don’t Read More →

Encrypted Surfing

SSH Tunneling; encrypted surfing with Virtual Hosts

Whether you’re the Secretary of Defense, or just an average Joe trying to survive with some peace of mind and security, encryption is a good thing. Have many virtual hosts on your unencrypted Apache server, but want encryption for whichever virtual host you specify? Here is the solution! Note, this is written for Linux clients – not Windows. You can tweak the instructions to work Read More →

Remote Tunneling into your Home/Business/School Network

If you are in need of a secure connection, or your establishment blocks ports that you need to use for remote access, then SSH tunneling is the answer. This article explains how to set up Putty for tunneling. Putty is available for Windows at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ Open up Putty and follow these steps: Under “Category,” click on Session Under “Basic options,” fill in the Hostname or IP Read More →

Introduction to Php

PHP, The Pre Hypertext Preprocessor is a programming language that allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with databases. PHP is basically used for developing web based software applications (http://www.webasyst.net/glossary.htm). Recently some projects have been started that are porting PHP to be used to write client side programs – just like what you use on your personal computer that is not on the Read More →

Upload/Download using your private key on Windows with WinSCP

This tutorial shows you how to use your private key for authentication to our server using WinSCP If you are a web hosting client of kasit.com, then you should have received a private key in your email. It is called something like something_kaslnetwork_key. Download the private key from your email and put it on your desktop. Create a directory in your home folder named ssh Read More →

Upload/Download using your Private Key in Linux or OSX

If you use Linux or Mac OSX, this is a tutorial for transferring files between our server and your computer First of all, if you are a web hosting client of kaslnetwork.com and have not received your private key by email, then please contact me and I will email it to you. Now that you have your private key (called something like coyote_kaslit_key), put it Read More →