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Backing up a server to S3

If you run a server of any kind then you should know how important it is to regularly backup the server. Now even though backing up the server is a great thing to do, it doesn’t do any good if the backup is in the same location as the server itself; if the building burns down, everything is gone. It is best to have an Read More →

Encrypted Surfing

SSH Tunneling; encrypted surfing with Virtual Hosts

Whether you’re the Secretary of Defense, or just an average Joe trying to survive with some peace of mind and security, encryption is a good thing. Have many virtual hosts on your unencrypted Apache server, but want encryption for whichever virtual host you specify? Here is the solution! Note, this is written for Linux clients – not Windows. You can tweak the instructions to work Read More →

Creating a website (for beginners)

If you are a beginner to creating a website, this is for you! First Thing’s first If you are new to web design and HTML, I want you to read this whole article. It is very handy. But first, follow these steps to see what HTML looks like: – Right-Click on this web page right here —-> <— (right there). – Select “View Page Source” Read More →

Linux DNS Server Setup

What is the Domain Name System(DNS? The DNS is the glue that keeps the Internet together. DNS translates domain name(example.com) to an IP address and vice versa. It’s much easier for us to remember names than numbers. DNS is defined in Request for Comments (RFCs) 1034 and 1035. Basically, any major Linux distro can be used as a DNS, Web, E-mail, and FTP server, and Read More →