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Installing Cisco PacketTracer 5.3.2 on 64-bit Ubuntu or Debian

!!IMPORTANT!! This post is very old and outdated. I do not have access to the latest versions of Packet Tracer and therefore have no way to continue to assist with installation. If somebody has a recent copy of Packet Tracer they could provide to me, I would be happy to see if I can get it working and document the steps.   If you are Read More →

How to delete files over x days old in *nix

If you have a server with an automated backup system, and you want backups over x days old to be deleted, this is the way you would do it. I use the command in a shell script that is executed every night at midnight – after the backup has been made. rm {} ; executes the removal of the files. There is a space inbetween Read More →

How to configure the Apache web server to run SSL

Following is a step-by-step guide to creating a self-signed SSL certificate for apache2 on the Ubuntu Linux distribution. Procedures here are sufficiently different from my selfsign.html guide applying to other linux distributions that it warranted a separate document. Note that this document can be used a couple different ways. If you follow all the steps you’ll have a self-signed SSL certificate and (hopefully) a working Read More →