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Setting Up the Eclipse IDE With PHP

For Php developers, there are two options for setting up the Eclipse IDE. You can install the Php only version which is made specifically for those who use Php and only Php, or you can install the classic version and add Php into it. Systems Admins will want to install the classic version and add Php to it because of other tools that may be Read More →

Mod your Php installation to handle larger uploads

Though PHP presents a very versatile and user friendly interface for handling file uploads, the default installation is not geared for working with files in excess of 2 Mega Bytes. This article will help you configure your PHP engine for handling such large file transfers. The php.ini File All the configuration settings for your installation are contained in the php.ini file. Sometimes these setting might Read More →

Format the Date in Php

To write the date using Php so that it is formatted in human readable format, there are many options. Take the variable of the date from the datebase – for example: <?php $date = strtotime($a[’date’]); // where $a[‘date’] is the array from the database table $date = date(’F d, Y’); ?>

Php commenting and math

PHP can do all kinds of great things. You could almost live without real programs because of the things you could do through a web browser. One of the things PHP can do is math. Although I can not show you because it is protected, I created a program for my “real” job that calculates the weight of metal, the price of the weight times Read More →

Introduction to Php

PHP, The Pre Hypertext Preprocessor is a programming language that allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with databases. PHP is basically used for developing web based software applications (http://www.webasyst.net/glossary.htm). Recently some projects have been started that are porting PHP to be used to write client side programs – just like what you use on your personal computer that is not on the Read More →