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7 Steps to Router Heaven

1. Name your router:  router> enable // (ena) enable the router  router# configure terminal // (config t) go into configuration mode  router(config)# hostname B1 // assign hostname to router  B1(config)# no hostname // remove hostname from router  router(config)# 2. Enable passwords:  // Enable password for Console 0  B1(config-line)# line con 0 // tell it you’re configuring console 0  B1(config-line)# password cisco // assign the password Read More →

Basic Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System) Commands

Random Commands router# no ip domain lookup ! prevents the ‘Translating "whatever"…domain server (’ message router# show ip int bri ! show ip interfaces (brief version) router# era sta ! "erase startup" configuration router# show ver ! "show version" of operating system, etc router# do show ip pro ! "show ip protocol" router# no se pa ! "no secure-password" to unencrypt passwords router# se pa Read More →