Setting up DNS to use our web servers

If you are using KASL Network as your web host, the steps in this article are a requirement for your website to work on our hosting platform.

The following tutorial is only required if your are registering your own domain name (we aren’t doing it for you in this case).

Scenario: You have purchased a domain name (like You need KASL Network to host your domain.

Follow these steps and your mission will be a definite success!

  • Register your domain at any registrar (or go to the sign up page, purchase a domain, register, and we will do it for you).
  • Go into the Host Servers (DNS Servers, DNS Manager, etc).
  • Select the option for providing your own name servers
  • Enter the following name servers:

Once you have done the above steps, the rest is all up to us. Technically, you can use the IP address of our frontend load balancers, however those are subject to change at any time which means your site could become unresponsive when this was to happen.

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