OS X Mavericks: Pause a Quicktime Screen Recording

If you are a user of OS X Mavericks and use Quicktime to record screencasts and whatnot, you may have noticed that Quicktime appears to no longer have the option to pause your recording. The truth is that the functionality is still there, but it is just very well hidden.

During your recording, if you would like to pause the recording, follow these steps:

1) Click on the Quicktime icon in your app bar:








2) Press the “esc” (escape) key

At this point, you will see the control window for Quicktime, and then you will notice it only has a stop button – not a pause button.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 12.06.07 PM






3) Hold down the “alt” key and you will now see a pause button

If your video is already paused, you will then see the record (red) button which allows you to continue. If you with to simply stop the video, hold down the “alt” key and press stop.


2 Thoughts on “OS X Mavericks: Pause a Quicktime Screen Recording

  1. Kris:
    Okay, that helps find a great function that seemed to be lost since v10.2. New questions:
    1) how do you get the recording progress box to STAY in foreground (not disappear)?
    2) One you set recording area and click away, the shading changes and the recording area is not invisible – meaning no outline or anything to the actively recording area originally defined. How can this be made visible?
    3) Once a recording is paused, is there a way to adjust (expand/contract) the area being recorded? Can you get the border buttons to come back?


    • Good questions and I don’t use Quicktime enough to know. If I end up in that situation again I’ll check and update this post. I’ll be happy to have you do the same if you figure it out.


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