Make Google Drive Work for You!

Google_Drive_Logo_lrg-540x429After you get Google Drive set up, wouldn’t it be nice if you could automatically select which folders you would like to have sync’d – outside of the Google Drive folder? Well, with a simple tweak, you can make this happen. It’s not as seemless as SugarSync, but it works. To make this happen, you cannot be scared of the command line – however, eventually you may not even need it if this catches on:

This article is written for Unix and Unix-based OS’s such as Mac and Linux.

  • Get Google Drive installed and configured – download the app at
  • Once it is all set up, open up your terminal of choice and type the following commands (these commands will move your Documents folder into the Google Drive, then create a shortcut to that moved version of the folder back where the folder was originally):
mv ~/Documents ~/Google Drive/ (you may need to put sudo in front.
ln -s ~/Google Drive/Documents ~/Documents
  • Now, open up your file browser (Finder, Nautilus, Dolphin, etc) and you will see your Documents folder there with either a blue sync mark or green check mark on it – depending on its stage of synchronization.

Please keep in mind that this is probably not exactly how Google Drive was intended to work, and if you ever uninstall Google Drive, you will have to manually restore your folders that you moved – or else re-install and activate Google Drive.

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