Installing Dell V515w Printer on Arch Linux

Dell printers can be a challenge to install on some Linux distributions…

However, once you figure out the key files, it makes it a little bit easier to make things happen. The steps here are basically hacks that I went through until I could figure out what was going on. Here are some KEY bits of information to get things going:

Summary of Requirements

Install dpkg (Debian Package Manager)

To install dpkg, you need to get it from the AUR (Arch User Repository). The easiest way is to follow these steps:

echo "[archlinuxfr]" >> /etc/pacman.conf
 echo "Server =" >> /etc/pacman.conf
 pacman -Syu yaourt

At this point, yaourt should now be installed. Now to install dpkg (NEVER EVER RUN YAOURT AS ROOT!!!):

When you run the following command, select “dpkg” – at the time of this article, it was number 3 on the list:

yaourt dpkg

No need to modify the makepkg or anything – just let it do its thing.

Getting the .deb file from the Dell .sh installer

This part is a little tricky. Do these steps (as regular user – not root) and it “should” work:

  • sh
  • Open up your user’s home directory (use the GUI for this)
  • Go into the lua* directory that was created by the installer
  • As you press next in the wizard, you will notice some files that pop up in that directory. When they do, quickly copy the .deb files to your desktop or somewhere that you will remember
  • I know it’s tricky, but keep trying. It worked for me

Run the .deb file

dpkg -i --force-architecture dell-inkjet-09-driver-1.0-1.i386.deb

Check if “dlnet” exists in /usr/lib/cups/backend

ls /usr/lib/cups/backend/dlnet

If the dlnet file does exist, then you can now run system-config-printer and add your printer (use Dell Network Backend as the socket when the list comes up:

dlnet:// <-- Change that with the IP of your printer

When it asks for a driver file, select the Dell_V310V510_Series.ppd file (if you can’t find it, run this command):

find / -name Dell_V310V510_Series.ppd

If the dlnet file is not in /usr/lib/cups/backend…

Then you will have to extract the .deb files and

bsdtar -xf *.i386.deb; tar -xzvf data.tar.gz; cd usr/local/dell/dell09/bin; cp dlnet /usr/lib/cups/backend/

Now proceed to the step above this one and configure your printer.

If something didn’t work for you, or if I missed something…

I wrote this article after spending about 20 hours trying to get this printer to work. Because of this, there are probably some things I forgot – but I believe the most important stuff is written here. If you notice anything off or that needs to be added, please just reply using the comments area below.

4 Thoughts on “Installing Dell V515w Printer on Arch Linux

  1. Since the installer is created using makeself it is much easier to get the Debian package out of it using <code>unmakeself</code>, which is in AUR, and then extract the Debian package from the <code>instarchive_all</code> file:

    # Do this in a dedicated temp directory since everything
    # will get dumped to the current directory.

    yaourt -S unmakeself
    tar –lzma -xvf instarchive_all

    This should spit out a bunch of files, including the Debian package.

  2. @Eric – Because this is so hacky, it is really hard to say what could have happened. The .deb files only appear for an instant before the directory gets deleted. When I wrote this article, I had just finished getting the printer to work. I tried to retrace my steps, but never successfully got it working again either. I left this article here though because I know it is a good foundation to get the hack working for anybody who sees something missing. Good luck and I hope you eventually got it working!

  3. When I copied the files out of the lua* directory, there were no .deb files. There was an error saying the file could not be processed. Did I miss something, or is my installation maybe too different?

  4. Kris Law on January 26, 2012 at 1:42 pm said:

    The most recent time that I installed this same printer with the same Ubuntu/Dell drivers, all I did was the section titled "Getting the.deb file from the installer" and then I ran this:

    sudo dpkg -i –force-architecture *.deb.

    After that, I added the printer using dlnet:// and it worked. Nice and easy.

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