Importing Images Into WordPress from SquareSpace

This article is a continuation of a previous article that I wrote titled Migrating Blog Content and Assets from SquareSpace to WordPress. That article showed you how to actually get the content of the blogs from SquareSpace into WordPress. This article show you how to get the files and images.

Install Firefox and the DownThemAll Extension

There is an extension for the Firefox Browser called DownThemAll. This extension allows you to batch download files which are linked to in a web page. Install the DownThemAll extension – this will be the quickest way to get this job done. You can manually grab all the files and migrate them too, but if you have a lot of files, I don’t recommend it.

Get all images and files

Before you start, keep in mind that DownThemAll does not enter directories and take images from inside them. It only takes files that are in the current page. Not only does it take images, but if you tell it to, it will download every link on the page, including web pages. Because I wanted this job to be done fast and was not worried about taking 10 Megabytes of disk space, I told it to download everything. After that, I entered a sub directory on the page in the list, and downloaded those images one-by-one since there were only a few in each directory.

  • Open Firefox (and make sure the DownThemAll extension is in installed)
  • Sign into the backend of your SquareSpace site at
  • Click on the “Website Management” tab
  • Click on “File Storage” under the Data and Media category
  • Right-click your mouse in an empty part of the page and select DownThemAll

  • Set the path where you want the files to be downloaded (I created a directory on my desktop and named it
  • Create a directory inside the directory called “storage”
  • Check all of the boxes in the DownThemAll window and click “Start”

  • Inside of your “storage” directory, create a sub-directory with the same name as any sub-directories in your SquareSpace file list (if applicable)
  • Enter each sub-directory in the web page and download those files all to the sub-directory you created in the storage directory

Now that all of your assets are downloaded and the directory structure is the same as it was on the SquareSpace site, you can copy the whole storage directory to the root of your WordPress installation (or the root of the multi-site installation where WordPress treats a directory as the root of an individual site; in my case, each migrated site has it’s own root at /var/www/migrated-content/

Here’s the command I used to put the storage directory on the web server:

scp -r -i ~/.ssh/my_private_key ~/Desktop/

5 Thoughts on “Importing Images Into WordPress from SquareSpace

  1. Saved my bacon! Thank you 🙂

  2. Nevermind! I figured it out 🙂

  3. This has been really helpful, thanks! but i have one problem- i’m not sure where i’m supposed to put the storage folder in my wordpress directory. do i just upload it via ftp into the “content” folder in the wordpress directory?

    • For others who stumble upon this post, you put your images in /$wordpress-root/wp-content/blogs.dir/$blog_id for multi-site, or /$wordpress-root/wp-content/uploads for single-site. Keep note that you might even need to put the images into a /$wordpress-root/wp-content/blogs.dir/$year/$date/ directory structure as well – but it all depends on how you configure the site.

  4. That worked! I had to transfer about 30 post from a Squarespace blog, with images. Some of the images have to be realigned, but they came over. That’s all that matters. Thanks so much for this post, Kris.

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