Automatically starting an encrypted tunnel

SSH TunnelThis shows you how to make a tunnel start automatically…

This article assumes that you have accomplished the steps at and it for those using a Linux client (it can probably be done on Windows too with Putty, but this article doesn’t show you how to do that).

This is a very easy article, so I’m just going to give you the steps:


cd ~
touch .ssh_autostart
echo "#!/bin/bash" > .ssh_autostart
echo "sleep 10 && ssh -f -L -N" >> .ssh_autostart
chmod +x .ssh_autostart

Now you need to make your computer automatically run the .ssh_autostart file when you log in. If you are using Gnome, then you would add the following line to a “New” entry in your gnome startup preferences:


Now, after you log out and log back in, the tunnel should be automatically started.

Another thing I did to make this even better is I created a bookmark in my bookmarks toolbar which points to http://your_virtual_host:10000 – that way I never have to worry about forgetting to type the port.

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